Are you all interested in watching reality shows? And if the reality show is about cooking will you watch it? Let us talk about it a bit and then you will understand properly what I am actually talking about. And I am sure you must have heard the name of the world-famous Hell’s Kitchen. And yes the show is on its 20th Season, yes you heard it right Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 is out. Let us know more now.

Hell’s Kitchen: About the Show

Hell’s Kitchen is a reality show. This American Reality-Competition television series was first premiered on 30th May 2005. The show is aired on Fox Channel. The show is created by the very own host of the show Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay also appeared in the British Series of the same which was aired on ITV.

Hell's Kitchen Season 20: The Journey So Far

The 18 seasons of the Hell’s Season were premiered in Los Angeles. And the 19th Season was premiered in the U.S. The show was nominated in the PrimeTime Emmy Awards six times. The running time of the show is 41-44 minutes.

The show has a total number of 20 chefs and after all the elimination 12 chefs are left in hand with one winner in the end. The chef divides the whole team into two separate teams and they have to face the challenge individually or they have to be part of the dinner service.

In each challenge, one person is eliminated or at times the multiple eliminations too take place. Towards the end of the show when five to six contestants are left they are brought together and they all have to face a similar challenge, and in order to win they compete among themselves.

They are asked to wear a black paneled jacket. They compete together to be a part of the final two. Gordon Ramsay is the head chef of the show. And the narrator of the show is Jason Thompson.

Hell's Kitchen Season 20: The Journey So Far

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Winners of the Show 

The first season was aired in the year 2005 on the 30th of May. The no of contestants in the first season was 12 and the winner of the first season was Michael Wray. And the first season was winded up on August 1, 2005. The second season was aired from June 12th- 14th August in the year 2006 and the winner of the show was Heather West after defeating 12 chefs.

The third season was aired in the year 2007 from 4th June to 13th August. The winner of the third season was Rock Harper. The fourth season took place in the year 2008 from 1st April to 8th July, and the winner was Christina Machamer. And in the fifth season, the winner was Danny Veltri. The season was premiered in the year 2009 from January 29th to May 14th.

The sixth season premiered in the same year from 21st July to 13th October 2009. The show was won by Dave Levey. The seventh season was won by Holi Ugalde in 2010. The show was aired on 1st June and it was winded up on 10th August. Talking about the 8th Season of the show we can see Nona Silvey as the winner. The show was premiered in the same year from 22nd September to 15th December.

Hell's Kitchen Season 20: The Journey So Far

Moving towards the ninth season of the show, the show was premiered in the year 2011, from 18th July to 19th September. Paul Niedermann was the winner of the show. In the tenth season, the show winner was Christine Wilson. And the show was aired from 4th June 2012 to 10th September 2012.

The winners of the season 11 to 19 are Ja’Nel Witt, Scott Commings, La Tasha McCutchen, Meghan Gill, Ariel Malone, Kimberly-Ann Ryan, Michelle Tribble, Ariel Contreras-Fox, and Kori Sutton. And from the year 2012 to the year 2021, Hell’s Kitchen has completed 19 seasons. 

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

The Hell’s Kitchen, a reality show headed by Gordon Ramsay has launched its 20th Season on 31st May 2021. And the show is still on. The viewers are enjoying the show to the fullest. So what are you waiting for? Go and watch the ongoing season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen now only on Amazon Prime. And learn new techniques and with some strict rules.

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