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NewsHillary Clinton goes off the rails on not-so-thinly veiled...

Hillary Clinton goes off the rails on not-so-thinly veiled racist rant about ‘person of grievance’ Clarence Thomas [video] – twitchy.com


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Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gracefully entered (or re-entered) the Twitter discourse surrounding the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization with a take that used to be hot back when people first started coming up with it but these days is just congealed:

Today, she’s back on her surfboard riding the pro-abort wave, ranting about conservative SCOTUS Justices, specifically Clarence Thomas, who, notably, didn’t even author the majority opinion on Dobbs but has nonetheless been singled out by critics of the decision for extra venom and hate:

The irony of Hillary Clinton ranting and raving about someone else’s “resentment, grievance, anger” should not be lost on anyone.

Resentment. Grievance. Anger.

So is the racism. It’s actually arguably even more off the charts than the projection. Holy hell.

She stopped just short of actually using the word “uppity.” But you can see that it was right there on the tip of her tongue.

We’re not living in a sane world, of course, but even if we were, we’d still have a hard time arguing that Hillary Clinton’s rant didn’t have strong racist undertones.

Look at that face. Just look at it. That is the face of a bitter old racist.

Disgusting that it’s considered acceptable … but you know the old saying: Scratch a liberal, find a bigot.

Is Sonia Sotomayor a person of grievance, too?

Case in point:

These people are completely broken. And they’re perfectly OK with that.

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