How to become Nigeria

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One of the world’s Top 3 NFT artists, Andrew Brown, also known as Doctor Troller, says: “The future of art is digital, and the lockdown has certainly sped up the transition away from physical artworks. This has been a great experience for me and should open up new opportunities for artists to be able to monetise their content outside of the traditional gallery model. I’m here in Nigeria to raise a new crop of NFT millionaires– young people who can convert creative ideas into NFTs and make millions from their talents”


With a vision to bring a new means of earning to the Nigerian Youths who have been locked down following 8 months of university strike, the millionaire NFT collector has decided to set up the University of Crime And Security which would help Nigerians understand how to protect their social media platforms, personal data, avoid cyber attacks on their financial apps, invasion of their privacy as well as make millions as Cyberprenuers flipping NFTs, otherwise known as Non-Fungible-Tokens.


“We know how incredibly talented Nigerians are. We want to help them monetize that talent as digital assets and earn from a global market. And everyone is welcome, even students who are off the university at the moment and would like to earn a sustainable income. NFT is based on common knowledge and runs off the Ethereum blockchain. It’s honestly so simple to understand that people sometimes overcomplicate what an NFT is and if someone in Nigeria for example, sees something amazing he wants to purchase for about $50 or $20 there is the chance it might have a very, very fast and drastic increase upwards if the market changes.”


He further stated, “Modules for the University programs are set to commence on the 25th of October and early bird sign up on the website is encouraged which comes at a discount. The programs have been set up to give a practical, easy-to-understand sense of how to monetize digital assets and how best to manage one’s cyber security.”

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