Hypocrisy? George Santos: Democrats call for the head of the newly-elected NY Jew-ish Republican

There’s no way around it, the George Santos story is embarrassing for the GOP. His admissions to the New York Post of ’embellishing his resume’ (lying) are pathetic.

We could almost buy the line about not directly working for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup. It’s not that weird to say ‘hey, I did some work for company X, when you were actually employed by company Y’. That’s the best we can do though. Saying you graduated from a school you didn’t graduate from? Geez, dude. LOL. And the ‘Jew-ish’ excuse? That one is just … wow.

George Santos’s ’embellishments’ were so egregious that even a Democrat who slept with a Chinese spy and is still serving in Congress thinks Santos shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress.

In my zeal to rekindle that idealism, I made some mistakes. … it makes me angry and angry at myself for having put myself in this position … I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again.

Those are not the words of George Santos, but it sounds very similar to what Santos told the New York Post. They’re an amalgamation of the words used by Joe Biden as he bowed out of his 1988 presidential campaign after charges of plagiarism and lying.

In case you missed it, Democrats have now made Joe Biden the President of the United States.

Conservatives couldn’t help but notice the stunning hypocrisy coming from the Left.

Remember when Elizabeth Warren had to resign from the Senate after being exposed as a fraud? Oh wait … she’s still persisting.

LOL! That’s one way to do it.

That’s a classic right there. Maybe Elizabeth Warren has a vial of it on her nightstand?


Awkward. You all realize this is a standing question, right? The famous fact-checker sites label this with monikers such as ‘unproven’.

If only there was a group of people tasked with investigating these kinds of claims and informing the public of their veracity.

Tell you what … the GOP should negotiate a ‘politician release’ with the Democrats. The GOP will tell George Santos to resign and Democrats will tell Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, Richard Blumenthal, and Joe Biden to resign … for starters.

We’ll all be better off after both sides clean house.

If we’re really going to do this, we need to start at the top. Check out this thread from Bonchie over at RedState (and article on the topic of George Santos).

Politicians lying to us is not new. Politicians lying to us about their past is not new.

The Constitution gives us the vote to deal with lying politicians, and we should use it, but we should also expect our fellow citizens to apply the same standard to all politicians, regardless of party.

LOL, right?!

What if George just identifies as being ‘Jew-ish’ … or having graduated? That seems to work for Democrats.

That pretty much sums it up. We don’t like it. We know you don’t like it.

We also don’t like being held to a different standard by people who will gladly elect plagiarists, liars, fake Native Americans, former KKK members, phony Vietnam vets, and drunks who drown women.

We should do better as voters. We should expect our parties to give us better candidates. And we should expect it from both parties.

Until we all agree to drop the double standard, we’ll get more of the same.


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