I worked in a military hospital in Lagos for 14 months and wasn

I worked in a military hospital in Lagos for 14 months and wasn
A Nigerian medical doctor based in London, UK, Toluwani Binutu, has advised the youths to move to other countries where their potentials will be celebrated.

Dr. Binutu gave the advice on Wednesday, March 1, when he shared his Nigerian story on Instagram. 

“MY NIGERIAN STORY. After finishing Medical school, I did my house job with a Military hospital in Lagos. I worked there for 12 months and I wasn’t paid A DIME throughout. I was then advised not to leave the system because that will reduce my chances of getting paid what was owed me. So i worked an extra 2 months for them. Still no salary was paid,” he wrote.


“Then all of us (Medical Doctors) went on strike & told our story on National TV. Within 4 weeks, Ministry of Defence suddenly released our salary for 8 out of the 14 months. We were happy and went back to get signed off for NYSC. But the Military hospital banned us from getting signed for NYSC because we “embarrassed them” on National TV.


“This led to me missing my NYSC batch and sitting idly at home for 7 months. I couldn’t move ahead with my life & I couldn’t go back to repeat House-job all over again. Then God intervened. We were made to apologise & we were later recalled. No-one told me before I wrote to relocate to the UK. I saved up money. I lived with my parents, didn’t buy a car, saved like crazy & took loans.


“My heart bleeds for the Nigerian youth.  My advice would be for you not to spend your Lifeblood & your Potential fighting against forces. Forge your own path, whether home or abroad, wherever you can.


‘If it becomes necessary, Move to a different country where your obvious, unmitigated, abundant Potential will be celebrated far and wide. You have one life to live. Just one.”

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