Ian Bremmer tries deleting ugly tweet mocking Elon Musk for having Asperger's (but we got it)

Man, some people REALLY hate Elon Musk for telling the truth and promoting free speech. From John Brennan attacking him for hinting about exposing Fauci to Alexander ‘Weeble-Wobble’ Vindman comparing him to Goebbels (although he can’t seem to spell Goebbels), the number of people attacking Musk for simply giving us all a peek behind the curtain at what was going on at Twitter is quite frankly impressive … and not in a good way.

C’mon, what made Ian think this tweet was in any way ok?

OH, that’s right, he must have figured out how eff’d up it was to pick on someone’s disability because he tried deleting it.


BUUUUUT we got it.

Tweets are forever, Ian.

It’s ok when they do it? We’ve lost count of the times they’ve claimed Trump made fun of a journo with a disability …

Probably why he tried deleting it.

Not seeing an apology though.

We know, you’re shocked.


We’re definitely seeing more and more people who treat the government like it’s their faith.

Creepy, ain’t it?



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