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NewsIdaho results… Janice McGeachin loses… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Idaho results… Janice McGeachin loses… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS


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Very sad morning in Idaho.

Brad Little was not going to run for governor again but the last day to register to run for office in Idaho, he registered again and I am certain it was ONLY to keep Janice McGeachin, a real conservative out of the governors office.. Brad Little has been an Idaho RINO at best through his first 4 years as governor. We even had a Re-call Petition out for him that I gladly sighed when I was living in the remote west central Idaho area but it apparently failed to come of any effect after he tried to shut down Idaho during the COVID Lie. Here in my area of northern SE Idaho, I have yet to see any “Brad Little” yard signs or stickers but saw several Janice McGeachin. When a round of “Little” hand fliers showed up in the mail boxes at the Post Office, the trash can was heaped with them.

Another issue with the Idaho RINO Party is RINO Rep. “Scott Bedke” who has a Freedom Index score of 49%, was instrumental in trying to destroy Rep. Pricilla Giddings, a conservative with a Freedom Index score of 92%. This low life Bum tried to destroy a USAF Veteran Wart Hog combat pilot and commissioned Lt/Col in the reserves by censuring her and then removing her from all of her committee assignments because she advocated for a fellow Idaho House Rep. to have his day in court, a right we all have unless you live in Idaho according to Bedke. When I was working and living in the lower Salmon River area, I first met Pricilla Giddings at her parents house and was quite impressed with her. My job had also allowed me to work around her father who was then the Sheriff of the largest County in Idaho, Idaho County. She later ran for office and became a very effective Representative for our area of Idaho when REP. Paul Shepperd just down the road was mostly go along to get along. His Son Charlie who is now in the House in Paul’s place I’m certain of what I know of him will be no better with a Freedom score of just 66%. What I liked most was her energy and willingness to step on these old Go along Get along RINO Goats toes in the Idaho House for right conservative things.

Idaho has not been a conservative Red State for some time. The Boise area alone can counter out conservative votes in the rest of the State. The demographics have been vastly changed by Californians and back easterners moving in and I honestly no longer see an Idaho I used to recognize but in few small remote pockets. Outsiders will always claim they left the things behind they wanted to get away from but rarely assimilate into an Idaho outside of Boise, Sun Valley, and parts of north Idaho. By my lifetime experience in Idaho, I would never at this point call Idaho a Red State.

Janice McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings would make a great Governor and Lt. Governor team for Idaho and be heart burn for Biden. I know in the General Election, all I can do is Write In these two wonderful Women. US Rep. Mike Simpson must go. Crapo must go. US Sen. Risch must go. There are a whole lot of Republicrats in the Idaho RINO Party that have been in office way too long and must go. Idaho had a last chance yesterday to start that direction and has blown it out it’s rear end. There are no conservative voting options left but Write In and so my General Election Ballot will be pretty void of any check marks. A lesson I learned in my 60 + years and used to be Republican is, voting for the best of two evils still gets you evil so I have cast very few Votes in my later years.

Idaho like many other States at this point will get exactly the wreck and ruin they deserve.

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