'I'm sick of the BULLS**T!' Megyn Kelly goes OFF on transgender movement and the Left can't DEAL

Megyn Kelly has had ENOUGH. Women all over the country (heck, the world) are starting to stand up against the transgender movement that seeks to vilify women who refuse to give up their spaces, experiences, histories, or sports to men who have decided they want to be women.

Or you know, perverts who want to pretend they’re trans so they can get into women’s spaces.

Megyn went off. Watch:

And while many of us applaud her for speaking out, there are of course the shriekers and the whiners on the Left who think women are the bad ‘guys’ for not sitting down, shutting up, and doing as they’re told by MEN.

We only wish they would.

Whichever one aligns with their sex.

This isn’t difficult.

So says the guy.


Megyn has been upsetting them for days.

And we hope she keeps upsetting them.

Truth hurts.



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