Inflation for DUMMIES! EPIC thread breaks out some serious puppets and crayons to explain how INFLATION really works –

You’d think more people would want to understand what causes inflation and how it works considering President Pudding Pop and Democrats have stuck us with record-breaking inflation for the past 19 months. Oh sure, our friends on the Left are claiming inflation is a GLOBAL ISSUE so the Democrat’s crap policies aren’t blamed for the 8.3% inflation we’re suffering through but c’mon …

The only people who buy that are the ones who think Biden is doing a good job in the first place.

So you know, like one in three people.

Redneck Geisha was good enough to put together an explainer thread on inflation.

This is pretty damn good:

We see a lot of people flat-out lying.

Like a certain Canadian we covered earlier today …

In other words, she broke out the puppets and crayons.

You mean it’s not the Magical Inflation Fairy?!

Sorry, but we were told there’d be no math.

Ok, we’re still with her.



Keep going.


Government prints too much money.


Ok, now the math is too hard.


Oh boy.

This doesn’t sound good.

Suuuuuuper addicted.

See Ukraine spending.

We feel so much smarter about inflation now, don’t you?

Government causes inflation. Merry Christmas.

It’s Biden, so why not both?



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