Insider asked 38 Republicans (and 0 Democrats) why they’re not concerned about anti-Semitism in their party –

Rapper Kanye West had conservatives intrigued when he went on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News to explain why he wore a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at Paris fashion week. But they dropped him like a hot rock the following day when he tweeted about going DEFCON 3 on the Jews — yeah, so maybe this guy isn’t one of us after all.

The incident, however, inspired Business Insider’s Warren Rojas to contact 38 Republicans (and zero Democrats) and ask if they’re concerned about growing anti-Semitic sentiments in their party. That’s right: We read the whole piece and there’s not a single Democrat mentioned.

The completely objective Rojas writes:

Insider contacted more than three dozen Republicans, both in and out of Congress, to find out what’s kept them from denouncing recent antisemitic outbursts by the party’s current idols.

Almost everyone ignored the multiple emails, calls, and text messages asking whatever happened to the cookie-cutter “there’s-no-place-for-INSERT DESPICABLE THING-in-the-Republican-party” statements politicians typically fired off as soon as someone baselessly attacked anyone’s race, religion or ethnicity.

“Every time he says something — anything — about the Jewish people, he knows that he is speaking to a group that has a deep-seated hatred,” [Christine] Rosen said of Trump’s affinity for the far-right.


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