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Is Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer based on a true story?


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If there is one thing Netflix has become known for in recent years, it’s adapting true stories into scripted series — and the streaming powerhouse has had a lot of success in doing so. From The Crown and Orange Is the New Black to the recent hit Inventing Anna, Netflix has managed to successfully adapt a lot of true stories into some amazing series.

Because of its tendency to adapt real stories, it’s hard not to question whether certain shows are based on true stories and The Lincoln Lawyer is definitely one of those shows that might spark some questions regarding the origin of the story which inspired the show.

The series centers around lawyer Mickey Haller, who prefers the comfort of his back seat more than he enjoys working behind the desk at his office. His habit of working out of the back seat of his car is what has landed him the nickname of the Lincoln Lawyer.

So is The Lincoln Lawyer Netflix series one of those shows based on a real event?

Is The Lincoln Lawyer Netflix show based on a real story?

While there are a lot of great Netflix shows and movies that are based on true stories, The Lincoln Lawyer is not one of those series as the show is not based on a real story. However, the show does happen to be based on a best-selling novel by author Michael Connelly!

What book is The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 based on?

According to Netflix, season 1 of The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the second book in the series of bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, The Brass Verdict. In the book, Mickey works to defend a client on trial for the murder of his wife and lover — though in the book the character is named Walter Elliott instead of Trevor Elliott, and he’s a studio exec instead of a video game designer.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

Source: PJ Media

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