J.K. Rowling shows off some Scottish politicians in front of banners reading, 'Decapitate TERFs'

If you’re a regular Twitchy reader, you probably know by now that TERF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” and it’s meant to be a derogatory term for a feminist who doesn’t include trans women in her struggle. J.K. Rowling was branded a TERF after standing with a woman who was fired for her tweets alleging that you can’t change your sex, and she’s since gone on to do some TERF-like things, like opening a female-only sexual violence center for women trying to get away from biological males for a bit.

We’re not sure who these politicians are, but Rowling shows photos of them in a crowd holding signs reading “Decapitate TERFS” and “I Eat TERFs and Tories.”

Sorry, but you’re a bad person who deserves the guillotine for thinking the showers in a women-only gym should be reserved for females only.

It’s like when they had the first Women’s March and Madonna fantasized about blowing up the White House.

Seriously … the UK has established “safe zones” around abortion clinics which prohibit even silent prayer lest it somehow make a woman getting an abortion feel disapproved of. And getting arrested for tweets. The U.K. really is becoming a joke.


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