James Woods ZINGS Alyssa Milano for her Elon Musk dunk turned Volkswagen GAFFE as only he can and LOL

As Twitchy readers know, Alyssa Milano ‘gave back’ her Tesla because, oh we dunno, she thinks Elon Musk has turned Twitter into some giant white supremacy hot spot or something, and in place of her EVIL Tesla she bought a Volkswagon BECAUSE that’ll show him!

Imagine how stupid someone has to be to not only claim they ‘gave’ a car back over white supremacy but then bought a VOLKSWAGEN and bragged about it ON the evil white supremacy site … a car that’s history is tied to Hitler and the Nazis.

She tweeted this to millions of people as some sort of gotcha.


Hard to believe this site is still free.


Add to the whole situation this tweet from James Woods and YEAH, this was not good for SamanDUH, like at all.

OMG, we’d forgotten about the crocheted MASK.


This woman.


It does remind us of those old oven mitts we could make as kids. Yeah, this editor totally just dated herself, again. But they were made out of these little pieces of fabric and you’d slide them around this square peg thing?


Anyway …

You’d think someone so concerned about white supremacy would at least make sure the car she’s buying doesn’t literally have TIES TO IT.

Sadly, that reads.

Of course.



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