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MTV “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans’ Christmas gifts triggered a lively debate on Reddit.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans’ Christmas gifts triggered a lively debate on Reddit. The star shared a TikTok that showed Christmas morning with her husband and children, but some fans were only focused on the time at which their morning began and the presents that Evans received from her partner, David Eason.

A thread about the video garnered more than 350 upvotes and sparked over 500 comments, making it one of the most popular posts on the subreddit.

One aspect of the video that some social media users lasered in on was an activewear outfit that Evans received from Eason. It was matching taupe leggings and a sports bra that was printed with black cheetah and marijuana symbols.

“That cheetah and weed print outfit makes me cringe,” one person wrote.

“Something tells me that outfit is from her failed activewear launch,” another said.

Since Eason doesn’t appear to have a conventional job, some fans accused the North Carolina native of using his wife’s income to purchase her presents. “How thoughtful and nice of David to use Jenelle’s money to buy her gifts,” they said.

Other people mocked Evans for wearing an outfit that contained images of marijuana. “Lol @ Jenelle being 30 and wearing weed imagery. I don’t know anyone who did that beyond 20 years old,” they said.

Though people had negative things to say about her presents, some fans praised Evans for her Christmas tree. She revealed on TikTok that she didn’t want to buy a real tree this year because they were too expensive, but she had saved a fake tree from when she was in Tenessee during her brief split from Eason. It came with glitter and white lights on it already, so the only thing she had to do this year is decorate it with ornaments.

“Put it up in your attic in case you need it,” she told her followers. Evans said she thinks she purchased it from Lowes for $200.

Evans’ Activewear Deal Was Canceled

In November 2021, Evans was dropped by SewSewYou, the company was collaborating with to launch an activewear line.

“Been crying all morning. Sorry to let everyone’s hopes up but @sewsewyou has dropped me because of haters,” she wrote via Instagram and TikTok on November 12, 2021. “There won’t be a clothing line anymore 😞💔 #HeartBroken.”

Evans worried she would never succeed because her “reputation” was ruined as a teenager. She might have been referring to her stints on “Teen Mom.”

“Always wanted to be accepted by others. Always being nice to everyone I meet and hoped to get it in return. Reputation ruined at the age of 17,” the North Carolina native wrote. “Feels like I’ll never get to redeem myself and the positive life I have created for my family.”

Fans Blasted Evans’ Thanksgiving

The mother-of-three is no stranger to criticism. Just as she received backlash on Christmas, Evans was also ridiculed when she shared videos from her Thanksgiving on “The Land” in North Carolina.

Some “Teen Mom” viewers admonished her when they noticed the brand of beer she and Eason and claimed the couple must be “broke,” because the alcohol comes at an affordable price.

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