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Somehow, the weirdest thing that happened at the State of the Union was not Joe Biden proclaiming that he’ll veto any legislation that raises the cost of “frisizhnjubs,” a line I’m still trying to figure out.

Instead, it involved a pre-speech kiss delivered by Jill Biden to Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff. Honestly, I have no idea what happened here

When I first saw that, I tried to rationalize it. Maybe non-family members kiss on the lips like that routinely and I just missed it all this time? But the more I think about it, the more I don’t think I missed it. Rather, it’s just incredibly strange. Joe Biden’s wife made out with Kamala Harris’ husband at the State of the Union in full view of the cameras. I mean, come on.

Naturally, some used the opportunity to deliver a little humor.

Hey, maybe they were both going for the cheek and things just got crossed up?

Of course, the other thing from the kiss that stood out to me was the effusive jubilation shown by those around Jill Biden as she delivered the smacker. You’d think she’s the Queen of England, and it’s just cringe. This is why I hate the State of the Union. We aren’t supposed to treat politicians like royalty, but whenever a Democrat is in the White House, that’s exactly what happens. It strikes me as distinctly unAmerican.

Back to the kiss, I don’t really know what else to say about it. I’m sure those that love the Bidens will insist it was completely normal. I suspect it had to have been a mistake, though.

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