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NewsJudge Grants Protective Order For Mother Of Rajon Rondo’s...

Judge Grants Protective Order For Mother Of Rajon Rondo’s Children


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Rajon Rondo is trending after TMZ shared disturbing details of the alleged abuse with the mother of his children. Reports state Rajon allegedly pulled a gun on Ashley Bachelor, and threatened to kill her during a heated altercation while their kids were present. On May 11th in Louisville, Kentucky, the incident happened when Rajon became upset about Ashley asking their son to separate laundry while playing a video game with his father. Rajon became so upset he ripped the game console out of the wall in front of the child and began smashing everything from a teacup to outdoor lights and trash cans.

Ashley claims the children were upset due to their dad’s temper, so she tried to “deescalate” the situation. However, that’s when Rajon allegedly told her, “You’re dead.” The Cleveland Cavalier player left home and returned 15 minutes later, banging on the back door and window with his gun. Ashley claims she didn’t know what was going on, so she approached the door from the inside to take a look. When Ashely saw Rondo with the gun she asked him to stop because he was scaring her. However he didn’t stop and instead yelled, “Go get my f****g son!”

Out of fear she complied and brought their son, Pierre, downstairs but kept the backdoor closed. Rondo yanked their son outside while still holding his gun, and screamed at Pierre, asking why he was scared. Although Ashley says Pierre was “visibly upset,” she didn’t intervene because she was scared Rondo would shoot her. The incident wasn’t over there, Rondo also yelled for their daughter to come outside where he yelled at both children for being afraid of him.

Thankfully, Ashley says Rondo’s parents arrived at the home where they attempted to calmi their son down before he  eventually left the scene. In order to keep her children safe, on May 13th Ashley filed for an emergency protective order writing, “I am extremely fearful for my safety and for the safety of my children. Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior. He is verbally, emotionally, and financially abusive. He physically hits our son and calls him names like ‘p***y’ and accuses him of acting like a ‘bi***.’”

TMZ states a judge approved the protective order has ordered Rondo to temporarily stay at least 500 feet away from Ashley and their children. In addition Ashley has been awarded temporary custody of the two children and
Rondon has also been ordered to temporarily turn over his firearms to the court. The NBA has released a statement saying, “We are aware of the report and are in the process of gathering more information.” Roomies drop a comment. andlet yus know your thoughts.

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