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Julia Fox once vaulted a 12-foot hedge to get...

Julia Fox once vaulted a 12-foot hedge to get into a club


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Julia Fox presided over a party at Paul’s Baby Grand on Tuesday night. But she tells us that — never mind hosting — she couldn’t even get inside the perennial hot spot whenever she wanted in her pre-fame days.

Fox told Page Six that she used to be a regular at the Tribeca club, but that on one occasion the bouncers wouldn’t let her past the velvet rope.

(Why? “Oh, because I was a crazy bitch,” she said. Also something about being over capacity.)

“So I climbed over the [conservatively 12-foot high] hedges out there with my red-patent leather jumbo Louis Vuitton bag and came in through [the side door]. The bouncer saw me dancing and said, ‘Julia… How… You know what, I don’t even want to know.’”

At Tuesday’s bash she wore a full rubber-and-latex look by Kasia Kucharska — including black rubber gloves with a BDSM-tryst-meets-doing-the-dishes vibe. She was also sporting freshly bleached eyebrows, because “pretty is over.”

“Pretty is like someone saying you’re nice. Technically it’s a compliment, but you’re like, ‘Is that all you’re getting from me?,’” she said.

Meanwhile, Rachel Rabbit White casually told us the secret to poetry is plenty of PCP, while she weighed the pros and cons of launching herself headfirst over the bar to steal a bottle of Clase Azul as part of her developing project “Girl Jackass.”

Rachel Rabbit White poses at a party in a black rubber dress
White, a poet, finds that PCP gives her a creative boost.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

“The idea is that being a girl is a contact sport, but taking it to an extreme sport,” she said. “This week I dislocated my elbow from throwing my knees and elbows at wack dudes at Acme while strip moshing [Note: think alluring gyrations at thrash-metal tempo], and got banned from some club for giving a homeless man a little innocent smooch.”

Fox, Married to the Mob designer Leah McSweeney, model Richie Shazam, anti-wellness guru Cat Marnell and erotica author Zola took turns reading a porny story about a girl-girl strip club encounter. The piece, written by Zola, is exclusive to YouPorn.com, making the tale essentially digital in both senses of the word.

Julia Fox
Fox says she bleached her eyebrows because “pretty is over.”
Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

The party was thrown by the reigning and still undefeated champion of Downtown cool, Kelly Cutrone.

Also there: Kelsey and Cassidy Tucker from Deviate (who were invited to the party earlier that day and flew in from Detroit for it), Apricot’s Deshi Singh, model Dominique Silver, Miss Jay and Deb Scherer.

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