Just for fun: Some of the best Twitter jokes about Sam Smith's ludicrous BRIT Awards outfit

We can’t ignore it any longer, folks. We have to do it. Singer and songwriter Sam Smith has made quite a splash, or rubber squeaky sound, on Twitter for the ridiculous outfit he wore to the 2023 BRIT Awards.

Yes, we know they do this for attention. Yes, we know we’re just feeding into the never-ending narcissism. Sorry, making fun of this crap is what we do!

Just when we thought inflation couldn’t get any worse under Joe Biden.

Strap in! We’re going to share some of our favorite responses to the walking wardrobe malfunction that is Sam Smith.

We’re with Myrna. Let’s go back to the old ‘new’ fashion.

Sam Smith did not skip leg day.



Been there. Done that. LOL.

Rest in pieces, Chinese spy balloon.

Ha! Well done.

Don’t. Do. It.

LOL. Accurate.


This was hilarious. Give it a watch if you have some time.

If they inflate Sam Smith with helium it will just be a remake of The Dark Knight Rises.

We apologize for nothing! LOL.

This is perfect!


We’ll take the balloon animal. Thanks.

Now that’s the Twitter content we all know and love!



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