Justin Trudeau announces another UFO was shot down and Twitter has jokes

Ever since President Biden was embarrassed by allowing a Chinese balloon to spy its way across America, the U.S., and now Canada, have been shooting things out of the sky. Justin Trudeau announced the downing of the most recent UFO, on his order, but carried out by a U.S. F-22.

This is just getting weird, y’all.

Twitter users thought it was all a bit much too and had plenty to say and plenty of jokes.

Perhaps it was an unvaccinated UFO and that’s why Trudeau had it deep-sixed. LOL.

Ha! We’ve probably been marked down as an intergalactic hostile planet.


Justin’s wearing America-face these days.

LOL! Yeah, might want to hold off on that one for a while.

Those are more appropriate for a ground attack. If you know, you know.


All your skies are belong to us, Canada.

Got ‘eem!

Fidel, Jr. LOL!

We’re guessing the Canadian dictator is overstating his importance.

It’s more likely the UFO realized it was in Canada and asked to be shot down.



This is the way.

We’re really glad we weren’t drinking when we saw that one. LOL.

LOLOL! Things are getting crazy out there, folks! Keep your eyes on the skies.


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