Justin Trudeau spotted doing a hypocrisy two-fer (masking AND climate change!) – twitchy.com

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family are spending a couple of weeks in Costa Rica:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading to Costa Rica for a two-week vacation with his family.

The Prime Minister’s Office says the family is returning to the same place where they stayed over the Christmas holiday in 2019 and that they are paying for their own accommodations.

The prime minister must fly on a Royal Canadian Air Force plane for security reasons — even for personal travel — and the family’s flights on the last trip to and from Costa Rica cost the government about $57,000, without thousands more spent on flight crews’ stay in San Jose.

The PMO also says it consulted with the office of the federal ethics commissioner about the coming holiday.

Now there’s video going around showing Trudeau completing a hypocrisy two-fer:

Hypocrisy? Yeah, we’ve seen this before.

Also the “climate emergency” seems to be less dire already!

“For security reasons” Trudeau had to take a private jet. Or he could have vacationed closer to home so as to not contribute to the “climate emergency” he’s always sounding the alarm about.

By way of some magical force, the private jets used by politicians and wealthy climate change alarmists don’t contribute to the “climate emergency.”

They’re nothing if not predictable.



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