Kanye West Turns Heads In London With His Footwear (Photos)

There is no doubt that Kanye West is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion, and on Monday folks began to share their thoughts on his latest fashion choice after he was spotted attending the Burberry fashion show during London Fashion Week.

Kanye West was all smiles as he was seen rocking a hoodie, all black leather, and even black flip-flops to match. His footwear was accompanied by black socks to complete the look.

Now the brand of flip-flops Ye was rocking is unknown. However, he is no stranger to taking fashion risks that eventually transition over to becoming a fashion trend.

Of course, it didn’t take long before people took to social media to react to his new fashion choice.


Prior to making his bold fashion statement for fashion week, Kanye took to Instagram to share a message to London in relation to the recent passing of their monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

He said in his Instagram story, “LONDON I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL…I LOST MY QUEEN TOO.”



Some fans debated about exactly who Kanye could have been referring to in that post. While some people thought he could have been talking about his ex Kim Kardashian, others argued that he was referring to his mother, the late Dr. Donda West, who unfortunately passed away in 2007.


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Roommates, are you feeling Kanye West’s bold flip-flop fashion statement?



TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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