Karine Jean-Pierre says administration doesn't need emergency powers to cancel student debt

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who’s known for her trustworthiness, has said over and over that President Joe Biden has the authority to cancel student debt, but Rep. Nancy Pelosi is on record as saying that he does not, and the courts also say he doesn’t. But they’re still pushing it, even though the CBO estimates it would cost $400 billion or so.

Remember last September when Biden went on “60 Minutes” and declared that the COVID-19 pandemic “is over“? The White House quickly walked that back and said it had no effect on government policy. If you’ll remember, the reason the Biden administration cited to prove its authority to cancel student debt was linked to the COVID pandemic — going back to a post-9/11 law that allowed debt cancellation “in connection with a war or other military operation or national emergency.”

Earlier this week, the White House said in a statement it would terminate both the public health and national emergencies declared in response to COVID on May 11. (Why so soon?) They’re not ready to give up those emergency powers yet.

Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday told the press that the Biden administration didn’t need a national emergency to cancel student debt anyway:

Let’s tell landlords they can’t evict tenants for not paying their rent because of the pandemic.

The courts didn’t even buy the “national emergency” pitch. Not to mention that Democrats are already angry with Biden for canceling only $10,000 in debt and not the full amount of their loan like they were “promised” during the campaign.


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