Karine Jean-Pierre says MAGA GOP's economic agenda will kill kids and poison lungs and melt bones

Yesterday, Karine Jean-Pierre stood at the White House podium and claimed with absolutely zero supporting evidence that thanks to the “MAGA extremists” in Florida, teachers risk losing their licenses if they keep pictures of their spouses on their desks.

Today, in honor of tomorrow being Earth Day, she’s kicking the alarmism up about eleventy notches. Not only do MAGA Republicans want to get rid of LGBTQI+ teachers, but they want to hold our economy hostage and kill kids and poison their lungs and burn eyeballs and quite literally melt people’s bones:

Good thing the adults are back in charge.

But clearly something has melted Karine Jean-Pierre’s brain.



Can a WH reporter show KJP this fact-check of her claim about what Fla. teachers can’t do?


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