We made the point earlier with Jake Tapper and CNN’s sweater party, where everyone took off their masks for photos. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, how many Hollywood movies have you seen with the cast wearing masks? How many TV shows? (Not to mention cable news programs and White House press briefings.) TV and movie productions actually hire COVID staff to ensure that they can go ahead and shoot without masks on. Maybe the filmmakers don’t want their movies to look forever dated, or maybe they consider seeing the actor’s whole face important to their performance.

Bethany “Grandma Killer” Mandel doesn’t want to normalize that which isn’t normal and wrote a note to Highlights asking them to cut it out with the mask illustrations. Highlights replied:

That note, however, was compared to the Unabomber’s manifesto:

The usual stuff. What a lot of people are finding unusual is this response to that tweet:

And about the eyes …

Some are saying this never happened, and hopefully, it didn’t. This kid sees their parents without masks, right? It’s just “weird” to see other children’s faces.

Hoping this is a hoax.


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