Kirk Cameron story hour crashed by satanic nuns in drag. Ummm... wut?

We told you about Kirk Cameron being denied a slot at over 50 libraries for story hour for his children’s book that is about the fruits of the spirit (kindness, love, etc.). We found out that the Public Library in Fayetteville Arkansas did give Cameron a slot and many parents and children showed up for the event.

The event was disrupted by a group so activists that call themselves the ‘Hillbilly Harlots. They dressed as Satanic Nuns and walked around to block the people including children from seeing Cameron.

What is the purpose of the ‘Hillbilly Harlots’? Who would do this to kids? The fact they knew children would be there and dressed this way further proves they should not be allowed story hours with kids to begin with.

Let us see what Twitter had to say.

Ouch. A double hitter. She hit the ‘Harlots’ and ‘The View’ with one sentence. Nice.

Right. Those children did not deserve this. No matter what you think of the drag queen story hours, doing this to children is gross.

EXACTLY. They show us they are evil and do not care about kids at all. If they did not intend to hurt children with this stunt they should apologize, but we do not know how the intention could be anything other than to scare kids. They knew what they were doing.

That answer is easy. They do not care who they hurt as long as they get attention.

We do not think they are trying to make allies or win hearts and minds anymore. They are just seeking to hurt anyone who does not agree with them.

RIGHT! They could have just ignored Kirk Cameron and left the children alone.

The lack of coverage on this story is not surprising, but he is right, if it were reversed it would be everywhere.

Keep up the great work ‘Hillbilly Harlots’ we are sure the whole scaring kids thing is going to work in your favor…

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