Lefty rag deletes weepy tweet about mass-murderer Audrey Hale's 'whimsical artwork' MORE than once (we got it)

We have seen some really obnoxious tweets and headlines from the Left trying to paint mass-murderer Audrey Hale as some sort of victim because she wanted to go by he/him pronouns. Even Karine Jean-Pierre said the administration’s heart goes out to the trans-community because THEY are under attack.

Knowing damn well it was actually Christians who were under attack.

But this, you guys, from The Daily Mirror, talking about Hale’s ‘whimsical artwork’ takes the cake. It’s so bad, they’ve tweeted it and deleted it more than once … every time we remind them that we’ll never know what the three murdered children may have been, they run away.

We snagged a screenshot.

Sadder about Audrey than the children she slaughtered. Classy.

Can see why they deleted it although we think it was the pushback they received for it, not that they figured out this was gross and thoughtless.

Deleted it altogether.

Again, not because it was gross, but because they couldn’t deal with the pushback. Watch, they’ll write something about how the haters came out of the woodwork when they posted this and how they can see why Hale felt so oppressed and had no other option if she ‘wanted to be seen’.

Hey, we’ve seen some really horrible stuff, nothing would surprise us at this point.



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