Lefty rag MeidasTouch's lame Chinese spy balloon meme belongs in the 'Left Can't Meme' Hall of Shame





And in other news, water is still wet. We get it, they want to jump into the balloon meme space in a way that doesn’t paint Biden like the bumbling, lost, ridiculous joke of a president he is but c’mon …

This is just sad.

The point of creating memes is to make people laugh WITH YOU, not AT YOU.

As you can imagine, it didn’t go so hot for this bizarre little Trump-hate outlet:

Nobody talks about Trump more than his haters.

Well, those who make money off of stupid people who hate Trump …

Not even a little.

If it can’t be funny at least it should be mean or something, right?

Did they?

Did they really try?

We’re not convinced.

Ok, so if we’re being fair, there are a bunch of really stupid people clapping like brain-injured seals on this meme exclaiming that they ‘really nailed him this time’ but it’s sort of like being King of the Morons, ya’ know? It’s not that great.

F for effort.



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