Split image showing Lex Luthor talking to Clark and shooting a gun in Smallville

Fans of the Smallville cast members have had no shortage of content to consume because the majority of them have been busy with new projects lately. Among them, Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor, has not only dedicated his time to voice work in both the DC and Marvel arenas, but he is also set to reprise his role as Martinex in Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol 3.

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As brilliant a character as Martinex is, Rosenbaum will always be remembered more fondly for his incredible performance as Superman’s archenemy. And Rosenbaum’s incredible dialogue as Lex Luthor is just one of the many reasons why the character stands out in the minds of fans.

10/10 “Keep It Up And You Could Make A Career Out Of It.”

“Metamorphosis” (Smallville Season 1, Episode 2)

Lex Luthor praises Clark for saving a boy's life in Smallville

One of the things that make Smallville a distinct Superman tale is that Clark and Lex start out as friends who enjoy making fun of each other. On this occasion, Lex is impressed when Clark saves a boy, suggesting that he might get into a profession that requires him to do that on the regular.

The remark foreshadows the events to come, because, at that point, Lex neither has an idea that Clark has powers nor that he’s destined to save the world as Superman. The quote also accentuates Lex’s empathetic side. Even though he is known to be evil, the villain has it in him to be happy when human life is protected.

9/10 “I Am The Villain Of The Story.”

“Onyx” (Smallville Season 4, Episode 17)

Lex Luthor shoots Jonathan Kent in Smallville

Fans get to see the evilest version of Lex when a Kryptonite explosion splits him into twin versions of himself. Aggressive and merciless, the evil Lex goes on to shoot Jonathan Kent before declaring that he is no longer good.

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His words basically sum up the show’s plot: Clark is the hero and Lex is the bad guy. It’s a heel turn that fans expect to happen but hearing Lex say it out loud makes it all the more incredible. The quote is also a reminder that no matter how many good deeds Lex does, his true self will always come out.

8/10 “Friendship’s A Fairy Tale. Respect And Fear Are The Best You Can Hope For.”

“Hug” (Smallville Season 1, Episode 11)

Lex Luthor torches Clark's car in Smallville

Villains have a tendency to not only instill dread but also pull off surprises and Lex does that early in the series when he locks Clark up in a car, pours gasoline on it, and lights it up. As someone who values friendship and hates violence, Clark implores him not to do it, but he doesn’t listen.

It’s right within Lex’s personality to expect to be feared rather than loved. After all, his father, Lionel, intentionally starve him of love as a child. Consequently, Lex always has the impression that most people (including Clark) secretly hate him. He figures the best way to deal with them is to scare them.

7/10 “I Want You To Be There On Our Wedding Day… To See What You Lost.”

“Trespass” (Smallville Season 6, Episode 14)

Clark confronts Lex about Lana in Smallville

Many creative liberties are taken by the Smallville writers and one of them involves Lex marrying one of Superman’s greatest love interests, Lana Lang. And right before that happens, Lex makes sure to boast.

Like many other antagonists, Lex can always be expected to mock Clark after an outcome that he considers a victory. The remarks hurt Clark because he deeply loves Lois, but the events pave the way for a more wholesome relationship with Lois Lane in the future.

6/10 “And I Want A Ponytail! Disappointment Abounds.”

“Justice” (Smallville Season 6, Episode 12)

Lex mocks Bart Allen in Smallville

The decision to use a different version of the Flash in the show (Bart Allen), is a refreshing one. Unlike Barry Allen, Bart’s moral compass is low, so he enjoys stealing from LuthorCorp. Unfortunately, he gets caught, and when he demands a lawyer, Lex makes his own mock demand too.

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It’s a fitting response to Bart because Lex is bald and in the show specifically, he cannot grow hair at all because of the effects of the meteor showers. Additionally, the remark underscores his desire for punishment. With everything Bart has done, he has no intention of letting him get away using legal channels.

5/10 “Sir Harry Has Always Had An Incredible Grasp Of The Obvious.”

“Rogue” (Smallville Season 1, Episode 9)

Lex plots against his father with Veronica in Smallville

As one of the smartest DC villains, Lex always prefers being around other intelligent people. Hence, when the industrialist, Harry Hardwick, uses Veronica to convince him to get into a partnership by arguing that they both hate Lionel Luthor, Lex sees it as such an obvious statement.

Lex’s hatred of his father is no secret since they’ve ever gotten along since his childhood. For that reason, he feels like Harry should have come up with a better proposal rather than just using his poor relationship with his dad. In spite of that, he buys into the plan.

4/10 “The Great Men And Women Of The World Have Always Been Defined By Their Enemies.”

“Finale Part 2” (Smallville Season 10, Episode 22)

Lex Luthor makes peace with Clark Kent in the Smallville finale

A confrontation between Lex and Clark in the finale was always expected as it’s the ideal way for the story to end. And it plays out in a beautiful manner, with the returning Lex acknowledging Clark’s role in shaping him into the man he has become.

Such a dynamic plays out a lot in DC Comics. Most of the time, heroes and their archenemies refrain from killing each other and instead admit that they make each other better. Apart from Lex, some of the best Batman villains enjoy getting into these types of conversations too, notably the Joker.

3/10 “You Should Work On Your Entrance, Clark. Bit Abrupt, Don’t You Think?”

“Cyborg” (Smallville Season 5, Episode 15)

Clark Kent ambushes Lex in Smallville

Thanks to his ability to fly at high speeds, Clark can move to any location in the world within minutes. A consequence of this is that he always makes abrupt entrances, something Lex finds weird.

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Traditionally, fans have never had a problem with Clark’s entrances. The majority of people find it cool. However, Lex feels that Clark needs to learn to move with stealth. His opinion all points to the fact that he is a perfectionist who prefers to see things done in the most impeccable manner.

2/10 “I Must Admit, Clark, This Is A Big Step Up From The Barn.”

“Arctic” (Smallville Season 7, Episode 20)

Lex Luthor explores the Fortress of Solitude in Smallville

The Fortress of Solitude has always been one of the most important locations in the DC universe because it’s where Clark goes to communicate with his Kryptonian parents as well as recharge. Lex’s excitement when he discovers the location is thus very childlike.

For a long time, Lex lives with the impression that Clark is nothing more than a heroic farmboy. His discovery, therefore, makes him realize that Clark is way more powerful than he expected. And as someone who is thrilled by the unusual, walking around the Fortress takes him to a euphoric state.

1/10 “The Only Abilities I Have Are Playing The Market And Falling For The Wrong Women.”

“Extinction” (Smallville Season 3, Episode 3)

Clark Kent warns Lex Luthor about Van in Smallville

In most forms of Superman media, Lex never has superpowers. In line with that, the villain finds it amusing when Clark informs him that a kid named Van is hunting down people with special abilities and that he is on the list.

It’s a rather hilarious remark but an accurate one within the context of the show since Lex proves to be a great businessman who knows how to use market trends to create profits for LuthorCorp. He also finds himself in relationships that don’t work out with people who often threaten his life.

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