Liz Cheney Borrows Mitt Romney's RINO2022 Station Wagon for the Trip out of DC – RedState

Right before the election, Liz Cheney flew back to Wyoming, pulled on her fake cowboy heels, and headed to an event. Tens and 10s of people showed up.

Mostly bored people waiting for her to stop droning and open the buffet line.

She got endorsements from Nancy and the J6 gang. Other stellar rock-rib conservatives like Al Franken and Rob Reiner jumped on the chuckwagon. Kevin Costner wore a tee-shirt for Liz Cheney. She might have picked two or three Wyoming votes with that.

On Tuesday, Darth Vader slouched next to daughter Liz after casting ballots. Liz offered some parting (possibly illegal electioneering) “democracy is on the ropes” shots outside the polling place. She seemed defeated, before the defeat became official. Vader, standing next her, looked like the force had been drained from his shotgun.

Vader and the Carpetbaggers couldn’t conjure enough Democrats to cross-over to save dear Liz. Darn it. And now she’s out of Congress. Fear not. Lizzer has a short drive out of town from the Capitol. She and her lawyer husband will stick close to D.C., because the real money and power isn’t on the Hill; it’s in the swamp. It’s who you know, it’s what you lobby for, and who you can destroy.

That, or Liz Cheney plans to run for the presidency. That would be a hoot. Will she run as a Democrat? A Republican? The newly formed RINO party?

In any event, she’s called in a solid and borrowed Mitt Romney old summer vacation station wagon. She tied her pet RINO (don’t worry, it’s safe up there) to the top of the wagon and waved goodbye to Mittens. Adam Kinzinger couldn’t be there to wave goodbye. He was too busy puffing his military record of driving a flying gas truck, and mean-tweeting at other vets.

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