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NewsLoki Season 2 Set Photos Reveal a New Look...

Loki Season 2 Set Photos Reveal a New Look for Sylvie


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New unofficial Loki set photos tease Sophia Di Martino’s new costume as the God of Mischief’s female variant, Sylvie, in the show’s second season.

New Loki Season 2 set photos just revealed a previously unseen look for Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie.

The unofficial behind-the-scenes snaps surfaced on Twitter. In one image, Di Martino is clad in a weathered-looking version of the breastplate she sported in Season 1, with a black and gray dress jacket worn over the top. The actor also sports earrings modeled after the ancient Egyptian ankh symbol. In several other images, Di Martino is wrapped up in a blue robe. It’s currently unclear whether the robe is part of Sylvie’s wardrobe in Season 2, or if Di Martino is wearing it between takes to help keep her costume under wraps.

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A previous batch of set photos teased a decidedly different outfit for Sylvie in Loki Season 2. These images captured Di Martino acting out scenes in a retro McDonald’s uniform from either the 1970s or 80s. While this isn’t the type of attire typically associated with Loki’s female variant, it nevertheless fits with the period McDonald’s restaurant set that features prominently in both the earlier and more recent images. Exactly how Sylvie’s new job fits within the wider plot of Loki‘s second season isn’t known at this stage.

Loki’s Costume Design Secrets

Costume designer Christine Wada recently opened up about Sylvie’s costume in Loki Season 1, explaining that it was intentionally designed to challenge gender norms. “There was also a real interest in keeping [Sylvie] androgynous… we carried out that semi-genderless quality in the costume throughout and I think that was also a thing throughout all of the series, trying to really get into, ‘What does gender mean?'” she said. “And, ‘Why do we have to just assign these certain things to certain genders?’… There’s a real conscious effort to cast and do things as sort of genderless as possible, to not queue into those old tropes.”

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Wada also described the costume as “scavenged,” which fits with director Kate Herron’s previous comments regarding Sylvie’s similarities to Robin Williams’ Jumanji character, Alan Parrish. “[Alan’s] a little boy when he ends up captive in that game, and when he comes out, it’s obviously been a life experience,” she said. “With Sylvie, it’s similar. She was a child when she had to go on the run, so she’s had a very difficult life.”

Loki Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+. Season 2 does not yet have an official release date, however, it is expected to arrive in Summer 2023.

Source: Twitter

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