It seems that the nostalgia of the original MacGyver has not waned as of now. We have great news for the fans of show as it seems that you can get the show easily now. The show ran for 5 seasons and it has rested now. The producers and the members of the crew had thanked CBS for their continued support and also to the cast.



The lead cast of the show has already landed a huge role. The show got cancelled for the sixth season. We can see that there is still romance which still exists between MacGyver and Riley.


MacGyver Season 4: DVD and Blu-Ray

To all the fans of MacGyver, we have a special announcement for all of them. Why? Because season 4 of the show is about to be available on DVD and Blu-Ray. When would this available you ask? Well, the DVD will be available for sale from June 8th, 2021.

Apart from this, several other DVDs will also be dropping for our favourite shows.

Now, talking about the fifth season. The fifth season of the show will not be dropping anytime soon it seems. This is because the airing of the season just ended this April. So, we can expect the fifth season to drop after a considerable amount of time. But, not to worry. Because till the next season of the show drops, you can binge watch season 4 of the show.

MacGyver Season 4: Big News for fans

Although the great MacGyver has come to an end. The lead actor Lucas Till has also bagged another lead role. He will be appearing in The Spook Who Sat by the Door. This is another TV show which has shown great promise and comes on FX.

This TV show has a great premise and is based around the Vietnam and CIA.

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