Man of average height poses next to truck he thinks should be illegal –

You can pretty easily tell a liberal because they want fewer freedoms while screeching that the government (or, more precisely, the Supreme Court) is taking away all of their freedoms. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is welcome to putter around in an EV all he wants, but some people still need a vehicle capable of carrying more than three passengers.

Tyler Newcomb (he/him), an advocate of safe streets, managed to get someone (does he have friends) to take a picture of him flipping off a pickup truck that he thinks should be illegal because it’s taller than he is.

But that’s a cab over engine, so the driver can see the innocent child running out in front.

But we’ve been assured that you can’t see anything in front of you … that entire Prius just disappears from view.

If only everyone would live in the city within reach of public transit to work, or better yet, telecommute. We’ve seen this complaint before from a city planner and “urbanist.”


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