There’s some bad news for Manifesters, but don’t worry, it’s not worse than when NBC announced that the show had been canceled. For the first time since Manifest started streaming on Netflix, the cult favorite series has fallen out of the overall top 10 ranking.

When Manifest came to Netflix on the heels of its cancellation from NBC, the underrated but beloved missing plane drama flew straight to the peak of the overall top 10 ranking. Manifesters new and old helped hold the show atop the perch until Virgin River season 3 premiered.

Regardless of falling out of the top 10 overall most popular shows on Netflix, Manifest remains in the top 10 most popular TV shows ranking on the streamer. Not to mention, its streaming success with only two seasons available on Netflix is rather unprecedented and extremely impressive.

However, the good news about the future of Manifest remains on the table, as word broke last month that Netflix and NBC had reentered talks to un-cancel the series. While no new information has emerged as of this writing, fans should certainly stay hopeful.

Will Netflix or NBC save Manifest for season 4?

It’s unfathomable at this point that Manifest wouldn’t be saved for season 4 by either Netflix or NBC (or perhaps a combo deal with both) given its massive streaming numbers. For multiple weeks, the first two seasons raked up billions of streaming minutes, eclipsing some of the most popular new shows on other streamers.

The show remains a dominant presence on Netflix in spite of falling out of the overall top 10 ranking. Upon word that Manifest slipped out of the coveted leaderboard, creator Jeff Rake addressed the Manifesters on Twitter and hinted at future record-breaking moments.

Manifest season 4 hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but we haven’t given up on the possibility that the series will be rescued in the same way Lucifer was saved by the power of fandom. Not to mention, the #SaveManifest movement got a huge show of support from none other than Stephen King.

While we wait for more news on the fate of the 828, we’ll keep crossing our fingers that Manifest season 3 begins streaming on Netflix sooner rather than later. (It’s coming to Netflix Canada this fall.) For now, watch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and season 3 on Hulu.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the fan-favorite series from Netflix Life, and keep streaming Manifest to show your support. Click through to the next page for recommendations on what to watch on Netflix while you wait for someone to #SaveManifest.

Source: Netflix Life

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