Manifest season 4 will be coming to Netflix in 2022, and Manifesters already can’t wait to grab hold of any hints, clues, or teases that come their way. As filming on the final season gets underway, more and more details are emerging about the new episodes.

On Nov. 17, the cast gathered back together for the first table read of Manifest season 4, as fans saw in sneaky posts from Melissa Roxburgh, Matt Long, Luna Blaise, Holly Taylor, Ty Doran, and J. R. Ramirez. But one of those posts gave away same key information.

Ahead of the first day of filming for the new season of Manifest on Nov. 18, the table read sneak peeks started pouring in and mounting excitement — as if fans weren’t already excited enough. Finally, we have our first crumb of a spoiler for season 4, and it’s good.

In Ramirez’s table read photo, which included a full look at the front page of the script, the title of Manifest season 4 episode 1, along with its writers and director, is on full display. What is season 4 premiere episode title, and what could it mean for the final season?

Manifest season 4 episode 1 title

If you wish to remain unspoiled on the episode titles before the new season starts rolling out in 2022, look away now. For those who want to start weaving some theories, the season 4 premiere episode is titled “Touch-and-Go.”

The episode was written by creator Jeff Rake and Simran Baidwan and was directed by Romeo Tirone. Baidwan previously co-wrote the first part of the season 3 finale and other episodes, and Tirone directed many episodes, including the second part of the season 3 finale.

For the most part, it’s tough to glean what could be happening in any given episode of Manifest since each episode title has an obvious air travel reference, whether it’s “Mayday” or “Carry On.”

However, the title “Touch-and-Go” implies some sort of uncertainty, and we know there’s plenty of uncertainty to go around going into the final season. A certain character has died, and another character has returned in a different form, further complicating the Flight 828 mystery.

We don’t have to analyze the Manifest season 4 episode 1 title to know that the episode will be emotional (for many reasons) and will delve into some of the biggest revelations yet of the series. Our interest in the upcoming season is anything but touch-and-go.

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