The supernatural series Manifest has seen an additional surge in popularity ever since it became available on Netflix, and many fans, especially Netflix subscribers, are more than eager to know everything they can about Manifest season 4.

The series, which completed its third run on NBC in June 2021, has become a chart-topping hit on the streaming service. The news is not that shocking given how well the series manages to keep its narrative going while expanding its universe at the same time, keeping fans enthralled every week.

For those that aren’t familiar, Manifest revolves around the passengers and crew from a flight that went missing. They mysteriously return after more than five long years of being away, and a more profound story starts to unfold the passengers begin to experience voices and visions.

After the first two seasons were added to Netflix, the series became a highlight among the streamer’s lineup of licensed shows, so it’s no wonder that everyone is looking to solve the mystery as to whether there will be Manifest season 4.

Manifest season 4 release date

Manifest has been renewed for a fourth season by Netflix, but the streamer has not announced a release date for the 20-episode final season. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take longer than five years for the series to make its highly anticipated Netflix comeback.

Currently, the writers are getting back to work on scripts for season 4, and it’s rumored that production could commence by November or December 2021. If the series is able to start filming by the end of 2021, that puts Manifest in a good position for a spring or summer 2022 release date.

The past two seasons of Manifest have premiered midseason on NBC, in January and April respectively. It’s highly unlikely for season 4 to debut in January 2022 on Netflix, but April or May 2022 could be a solid estimate for the first batch of episodes to drop.

Manifest season 4 cast

The cast of Manifest season 4 has started to take shape following Netflix’s announcement that it had saved the canceled NBC series. Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh and J.R. Ramirez were already on board at the time of the announcement on Aug. 28, also known as 828 day.

On Sept. 9, Deadline reported Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise and Holly Taylor had closed new deals to reprise their roles as Saanvi, Olive and Angelina respectively for the final season. Meanwhile, Athena Karkanis and Jack Messina will not return for season 4.

Messina’s Cal Stone will now be played by Ty Doran, who guest starred in the shocking season 3 finale. The main cast will further be fleshed out with Matt Long, who’s currently signed on for the NBC pilot Getaway, but fans certainly have not seen the last of Zeke.

It’s probably safe to assume there will also be familiar faces returning to the mix, such as Darryl Edwards as Robert Vance and Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami. Guest and recurring characters have yet to be announced, but the main cast appears to be locked.

Manifest season 4 synopsis

There is no official synopsis for Manifest season 4, and it’s unlikely for any plot details to emerge from Netflix until the new season draws nearer. In the wake of the show’s resurrection, creator Jeff Rake has teased that he knows the endgame, both regarding the show’s mythology and relationships.

In the final moments of Manifest season 3, the story took a game-changing turn with a devastating death and a jaw-dropping return. Obviously, season 4 will grapple with these huge changes and further the mission of the 828ers obtaining the truth.

Manifest season 4 trailer

No trailer for Manifest season 4 has been released at this time, since nothing has been filmed yet. A trailer would have to be released closer to the season premiere date on Netflix. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and updates on the supernatural drama, and we will be sure to share any teaser that comes out right away.

FanSided Entertainment Staff contributed to this report.

Source: Netflix Life

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