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The Avengers game was ultimately a failure, but several successful Marvel games and those coming down the pipeline are much more promising.

Marvel Entertainment is at something of a crossroads when it comes to video games. Marvel’s Avengers is officially done, with new content for the game completely shutting down production. While this recent news is disappointing to many fans, things are thankfully looking up as far as Marvel games go.

Several upcoming Marvel video games are sure to be far more successful than Marvel’s Avengers, namely the two titles coming from Insomniac. That’s not to mention the current hits already on the market, all of which provide marvelous entertainment for even the most diehard fans. Here’s why the death of the Avengers game isn’t as bad as some would think.

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Avengers Was Marvel’s Biggest Modern Gaming Failure

Captain America stands in front of the group in Marvel's Avengers.

First announced in 2017, Marvel’s Avengers was initially a rather hyped title. Jumping off the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and involving the expertise of gaming stalwart Square Enix, it was seemingly primed to be “Earth’s mightiest hit.” Unfortunately, the actual release in 2020 saw otherwise, with the game’s reception largely being mixed. Issues stemmed from its repetitive nature and the lack of content, plus a slew of games-as-a-service problems. Early adopters of the game quickly abandoned it, and the ensuing post-release DLC did little to bring players back in. Some of the planned characters were never even added, making it clear that this less-than-epic end was a long time coming.

It didn’t help that so many of the other Marvel-related games at the time were good to great, with Insomniac’s Spider-Man game receiving rave reviews. It also made players truly feel like they were Spider-Man, whereas the Avengers game had little in the way of such immersion. Players were desperately anticipating new DLC and news of the game’s sequel, showcasing the night and day reception between it and Avengers. With such a massive flop out of the gate, it’s no surprise that support for the latter has ended, though the future is far from gloomy for Marvel games as a whole.

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Spider-Man 2 & Wolverine Are Just a Few of the Great Marvel Games on the Way

Promotional poster for Marvel's Spider-Man 2

In the aftermath of Marvel’s Avengers‘ failed launch, far more successful titles like the Insomniac spinoff Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Guardians of the Galaxy were lauded by fans. The latter in particular is a better glimpse at what Avengers could have been, with the game balancing different characters with a good story. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a huge hit that expanded beyond the Avengers, putting Marvel’s horror icons into the spotlight. While its DLC is already being rolled out, it’s far less of a game-as-a-service title, and it has massive amounts of replay value. Even mobile gamers have something to pass the time with, as Marvel Snap is perhaps being the biggest mobile Marvel success ever.

The hotly anticipated Spider-Man 2 and Insomniac’s Wolverine are easily the biggest new Marvel games on the horizon, with other titles also coming out that focus on Captain America/Black Panther and Iron Man. All of these could come together to create a new golden age for Marvel video games, which have historically been more consistent than rival DC. In DC’s case, there have really only been titles made for Batman, with other Justice League members having notoriously awful game adaptations. Though DC Comics is also getting more games, it’s telling that the landscape of Marvel’s gaming output resembles the varied properties seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The biggest takeaway from this might be that the Avengers work best in solo, more self-contained video games with specific playstyles. Granted, the gameplay wasn’t the biggest issue with Avengers, but it’s noticeable that individual Marvel heroes (namely Spider-Man) seem to have the most consistently great games. Avengers never truly fixed many of its problems, though the upcoming litany of new titles has the chance to learn from its mistakes and provide heroic games that entertain for years to come.

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