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NewsMassive Win For 2A: Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Major...

Massive Win For 2A: Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Major New York Gun Control Law


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The Supreme Court just struck down a major New York gun control law, with some conservatives dubbing the move as the biggest victory for the Second Amendment in more than a decade.

According to CBSNews, the Supreme Court struck down a law that “placed strict restrictions on carrying concealed firearms in public for self defense, finding its requirement that applicants seeking a license to carry a concealed handgun demonstrate a ‘proper cause’ to do so in public is unconstitutional.”

Moreover, the 6-3 ruling “reversed a lower court decision upholding New York’s 108-year-old law limiting who can obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun in public.”

Many on the left are casting frustrations onto Justice Clarence Thomas who delivered the majority opinion for the ideologically-divided court. His opinion determined that the New York law “prevented law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment right.”

“The exercise of other constitutional rights does not require individuals to demonstrate to government officers some special need,“ Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the lead opinion. “The Second Amendment right to carry arms in public for self-defense is no different.”

In other words, the Supreme Court determined that New York’s law functioned more subjectively than the constitution allows for. Instead of gun ownership serving as a God-given right, New York was treating 2A more like a privilege the government may or may not bestow upon its citizens.

Many on the left are angry at Justice Thomas for his opinion, which they believe will lead to more gun violence.

On Thursday morning, HuffPost ran a headline on the front page of its website that read: “COURT CARNAGE: SCOTUS GUTS GUN CONTROL.”

The article argued that the Supreme Court’s ruling set “a major precedent that expands the reach of the Second Amendment and puts existing firearm restrictions in other states into immediate legal jeopardy.”

However, conservatives are rejoicing at what they see as a long-awaited victory for gun rights. While the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a major gun control law in New York is being celebrated by conservatives as a major victory for the Second Amendment.

This news has enraged the left and has motivated conservatives who are still waiting on pins and needles for the expected strike down of Roe vs. Wade.

That decision could come any day now, with many anticipating an announcement as soon as Friday. Big League Politics will be sure to update you as soon as more information becomes known.

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