Matt Gaetz just needs two tweets to embarrass and BLISTER Laura Loomer and it's GLORIOUS

As Twitchy readers know, Laura Loomer has really been going after Team DeSantis, but especially after Casey DeSantis going so far as to claim she never really had cancer and it was all a ploy for political gain.

No, really.

She’s claimed she didn’t say that but we’ve seen the archived tweets …

When she’s not making disgusting digs at DeSantis’ wife, she’s accusing Christina Pushaw of horrible things based on intel she got from Rebekah Jones.

No, really, again.

It’s been a seriously stupid week of politics, ladies and gents. And lucky all of us, it’s only going to get STUPIDER.


In the meantime, thought we’d share this from Matt Gaetz who was less than impressed with Loomer’s tactics:

Loomer did not like this.

She’s always got some ‘funny story’ and screenshots to prove stuff.

Sort of like how she proved back in 2017 that someone slashed her tires? Remember that? HA HA HA HA

Gaetz responded:




It’s officially primary season … eat your Wheaties.



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