Maud Newton hears ‘an evangelical dog whistle’ when Ron DeSantis used the word ‘biblical’ –

‘Writer, critic, editor’, Maud Newton, tweeted that Governor Ron DeSantis’s use of the term ‘biblical’ to describe the storm surge on Sanibel Island was nothing less than ‘an evangelical dog whistle’.

Yes, that’s right, using common idioms is now a dog whistle. The next time you hear someone say ‘go the extra mile’, understand that what you’re actually hearing is a dog whistle against the metric system. ‘Let the cat out of the bag’? Yep, you guessed it: a pro-cat dog whistle against … dogs … we think. We don’t exactly understand how all this works.

Newton’s frustration largely seems to be that she wants a common weather event to be blamed on climate change, despises Ron DeSantis and evangelical Christians, and just wanted to feed all those passions in one fiery, nonsensical tweet.


Bless her heart. Fortunately, Maud realized the tweet was a bit over-the-top and decided to delete it. Ok, that’s not exactly what happened. LOL.

Always remember one of the foundational rules of Twitter: You can delete it, but it ain’t going away. Twitter remembers. Twitter always remembers.

This was no exception, users of Twitter were quick to respond to the tweet and also shared the now-deleted original.

We’ve got some of those responses for you. Yes, the tweet is deleted, but we at Twitchy have a certain set of skills.

For heaven’s sake.

God willing and the creek don’t rise.

Right? How the devil did she come up with that one?

From your mouth to God’s ear!

Twitter’s crazy, y’all. Thank God, it’s Friday!

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