However we additionally know Grogu turned one among Luke’s first college students. What we don’t know for certain is when Luke formally opened his Jedi Academy, which first formally reveals up within the comics round 19 ABY. After all, we all know tragedy awaits this academy by the hands of Luke’s personal nephew, Ben Solo, who was born in 5 ABY and commenced his Jedi coaching with Luke round 15 ABY, six years after Grogu. We don’t see Grogu in any of Ben’s comedian guide adventures with Luke, which suggests the little Baby Yoda probably wasn’t present when Ben turned to the darkish aspect and destroyed his uncle’s hidden Jedi Temple. Sure, we’re relieved too.

The Luke or Luuke Idea

There’s additionally one other, slightly extra far-fetched fan concept {that a}) explains why Grogu isn’t at Luke’s academy later, and b) paves the best way for Din to get his adopted son again for good. What if the one who rescued Grogu on the Imperial cruiser isn’t Luke Skywalker in any respect? What if Din unknowingly entrusted Grogu’s care to an evil darkish aspect clone of Luke?

We have now to return to the now non-canon Legends continuity to elucidate this one. You see, within the 9 ABY of the previous timeline, Luke was cloned by an insane darkish Jedi named Joruus C’baoth, who was himself a clone of a Prequel period Jedi Grasp. Joruus hoped to coach this Luke clone as his darkish aspect apprentice as a part of his plan to take over the Imperial remnant for himself. The humorously named “Luuke” appeared within the typically well-regarded novel The Final Command, the third and closing guide in Timothy Zahn’s formative Thrawn trilogy.

So why is that this far-out concept so fascinating? Properly, The Mandalorian and The E book of Boba Fett government producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have used parts from this guide trilogy earlier than. The obvious callback is the reference to Grand Admiral Thrawn himself in The Mandalorian season 2 episode “The Jedi,” by which it’s revealed that Ahsoka Tano is searching the Imperial villain. First introduced again into canon within the animated sequence Rebels by Filoni, Thrawn has lengthy been alleged to be the large dangerous of not solely the Ahsoka live-action series coming to Disney+ however the massive dangerous of The Mandalorian period reveals as an entire, with the Imperial commander pulling the entire strings throughout the entire sequence. Lucasfilm has even introduced a big crossover event for these reveals, which may chronicle the ultimate battle with Thrawn.

There are additionally canon tales that could possibly be organising a clone Luke twist. In The Final Command, we be taught Luuke was cloned from the genetic materials extracted from Luke’s severed hand, and we all know Lucasfilm has lengthy been focused on bringing again the hand for the Disney period — J.J. Abrams as soon as thought-about utilizing the severed appendage as a plot level in The Power Awakens, for instance. The hand lastly made a reappearance in final 12 months’s canon comedian guide Darth Vader #11. The difficulty reveals that it was recovered by Emperor Palpatine, who then took it to the hidden Sith temple on Exegol for an unknown objective. Coincidentally, this temple can also be the place Palpatine is growing the clone expertise wanted for his eventual return in The Rise of Skywalker. After the Emperor’s first demise, may Thrawn have taken the hand and discovered a strategy to clone Luke? (After all, this is able to contradict how Palpatine struggled to make a Power-sensitive clone vessel for himself.)

However how seemingly is the Luuke twist to occur on Disney+? Luke’s look in The Mandalorian looks as if it was supposed to be a second of hope and recognition, not a setup for a “gotcha” later. Whereas Disney has been completely satisfied to incorporate guide characters within the reveals, even obscure ones like Cobb Vanth, Luuke is certainly on the pulpier finish of the spectrum. Revealing the Darkish Trooper-wrecking Luke wasn’t Luke in any respect would additionally seemingly draw the ire of some followers who felt they’d lastly obtained the model of the Jedi hero they’d at all times needed to see after the Authentic Trilogy. It’s discourse Disney would in all probability wish to keep away from after The Final Jedi

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