Mayor of Kingstown

Taylor Sheridan is making a new series and calling it Mayor of Kingstown. Kyle Chandler from Bloodline has just been announced as one of the cast. Therefore, in this article, we are going to let you know about all the news from this new series. It will be streaming on Paramount +. Moreover, Jeremy Renner has been announced as the lead in the series.



Now, the story of this series is interesting. We follow the story of the McLusky family. This family are the power brokers in the town. But, there is something rather interesting in this town and it has to do with business. Here the only profitable business is the business of incarceration.


Mayor of Kingstown tends to comment on every theme which is relevant nowadays. It takes the theme of systemic corruption, racism and apparent inequality. The series tells us how hard it is to bring order to a town which has none.

Mayor of Kingstown: Addition to our watchlist

Let us also look at the amazing cast of the show. Some of the people who have been announced are Hugh Dillon, Pha’rez Lass, Tobi Bamtefa, Emma Laird, Derek Webster, Taylor Handley and Dianne Wiest. But, the most recent of them would be Kyle Chandler.

Kyle will be playing the character of Mitch McLusky. He will be playing the older brother to the character played by Jeremy Renner. Kyle will also be posing himself for this amazing role which puts him as a power broker both inside and outside the prison. Therefore, it can be said that this will be an interesting role for him.

Many people do not know this but Kyle has won an Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for playing Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights.

So, are you excited for this series? Let us know in the comments below.

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