Media DRAGGED for warning COVID-19 surging through China right NOW MIGHT spread around the globe

COVID already spread around the globe, you dolts.

Hey, we get it, the media is desperate for COVID to make a comeback so they have something other than Biden shaking hands with invisible men and claiming gas was over $5 when he took office to write about but C’MON YOU GUYS.

COVID is surging in China.

And they’re worried it might spread around the globe.

What year do they think this is?


From NTD News:

As COVID-19 continues to surge throughout China, there are increased concerns that the virus might spread throughout the rest of the world. However, doctors and scientists in the United States are pointing out that it may be partially because of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) zero-COVID approach that we are seeing such an intense wave.

Too bad doctors and scientists in the United States are pointing out that COVID ALREADY SPREAD AROUND THE GLOBE.

Not again.


Never again.

2020 can have its headlines back.

Not even a little.

See what we mean?

Crazy talk, right?


Da da daaaaaaa!



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