Mich. Gov. Whitmer admits to lockdown edicts that 'in retrospect don't make a lot of sense'

When it comes to politicians who had some of the most idiotic and counterproductive 2020 Covid mandates, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is in the upper echelon of power-grabbing U.S. governors.

One of the dumbest edicts in the long and sordid history of dumb edicts was when garden seeds (and many gardening supplies in general) were cordoned off in stores. Yep, the government was asking people to limit trips to the grocery store and then blocking off the purchase of garden seeds. Sheer genius, right?

Whitmer has been asked about that and says “in retrospect” that doesn’t make sense when it clearly didn’t make sense at the time it was being done. And Whitmer’s answer contains a lie:

Once again Whitmer is not being honest:

Whitmer’s trying to re-write the history on that and it can’t be allowed.

Also does Whitmer know how insanely contradictory her excuse is? She basically explained, “we didn’t want a lot of people congregating near the gardening supplies that nobody buys at that time of year.” Oooookay.

Whitmer recently got re-elected so the “aw shucks authoritarian shtick” works on an alarming number of voters.

Oh yeah, we remember.

Was there anything more based on “the science” than shutting down churches and keeping liquor stores open (or excusing riots as long as they were for an approved cause)?



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