MIKE PENCE HUMILIATED By Discovery of Classified Documents In His Home After The Former VP Told CNN He Would Have No Reason To Have Classified Documents During Anti-Trump Interview [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, documents with classified markings were found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home. What makes the revelation especially embarrassing is that following the Mar-A-Lago raid and media hysteria over Trump bringing documents to his home, Pence made the rounds to different fake news media outlets to discuss Trump having documents in his home. Pence was likely attempting to build his image as a good and responsible Republican leader as he is reportedly planning to run against President Trump for President in 2024.

Never-Trumper establishment Republicans are encouraging Pence to run for President in 2024, and his name has regularly been added to Presidential candidate polls.

However, Pence’s CNN video interview is coming back to both haunt and humiliate him. Trump had the legal authority to declassify documents and had instituted a running declass system that would automatically declassify documents that he brought home, creating an understandable reason for his document possession. As Vice President, Pence did not have the authority to declassify documents. He and Joe Biden have found themselves in hot water over the same failure to observe the law.

Mike Pence was directly asked in a November CNN interview if he had classified documents in his possession, to which he responded that he didn’t and that there would be no reason to.


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Muir: “Did you take any classified documents with you from the White House?”

Pence: “I did not.”

Muir: Do you see any reason for anyone to take classified docs from the White House.”

Pence: “There would be no reason.”

Little is yet known about the contents of the documents, but the FBI and the DOJ’s national security division have both launched a document review and are investigating how the classified documents ended up in Pence’s Carmel, Indiana home. Apparently, the documents were discovered by one of his lawyers. The situation is eerily similar to Biden’s, begging the question, why would an expensive attorney be searching Pence’s home for documents?
Alex Bruesewitz asked the question most Americans are wondering, have all former Vice Presidents taken classified documents? He tweeted, “Vice President’s have no legal authority to declassify documents. Biden & Pence have now been caught taking classified documents. How many documents do Al Gore & Dick Cheney have? We must raid all of their homes! (But stay away from Dick’s hunting cabin, not safe!)

Pence indicated that he is working with investigators and that the documents were found following his request for his attorney’s to search his home “out of an abundance of caution.”

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