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M'sians angry playground has cement slides & surrounded by...

M’sians angry playground has cement slides & surrounded by crushed stone


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A playground inside Malaysia has suddenly fascinated scorn after photos from it were put up online.

The reason for the unhappiness?

The playground highlighted was loaded with sand and has concrete slideshow.

Photos of playground set up online

The complainant, Amer Narani, described on Facebook typically the playground located in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia, as the “stupidest” playground in 2022.

Amer uploaded several photos upon Jan. 23, which captured the attention of others.

The write-up has garnered more than 5 hundred shares and 700 remarks.

Playground resembles army education camp

Amer said it was typically the “stupidest” playground as the slip was made of concrete.

“If children fall from the slip, their heads will be created!” Amer wrote.

Not only did he object about the slide being tough, he said the area is full of sand.

He wrote: “Do you think this is a National Assistance Training Camp (PLKN)?!”

He also questioned just how was the playground approved to start with.

It is unclear in the event the habitat was built.

The other photos of the playground put up showed a metallic ladder that appeared corroded, and a hole dug to the sand at the end of the slip.


Those who responded to typically the post echoed Amer’s comments.

Some commenters suggested the playground was not suitable for kids, while others said it was built working with concrete to save costs upon maintenance.

“This playground is good for adults, not for kids.”

“I just brought my young ones there, plus my kids’ shirts are now torn and dirty.”

“Just as they are scared to waste money upon maintenance, they built a new playground using concrete bare cement.”

Slide made from cement to protect from vandals: Mayor

In response to the complaints, Rozali Salleh, the mayor connected with Kuala Terengganu, visited typically the playground on Jan. twenty four, and said it will be enhanced as soon as possible to ensure visitors’ basic safety, local news agency TRDI reported.

He said he’d noted the feedback for the facilities of the playground, and the lads will place a rubber cushion at the end of the slide by adding a fibre covering for the slide.

Rozali shared the reason the slide has been done from concrete was as a consequence of environmental factors, such as cold temeratures and saltwater, TRDI documented.

Kuala Terengganu is by typically the eastern coast of peninsula Malaysia.

Other than ecological factors, Rozali shared of which previously, there were individuals who would likely vandalise the playground.

“We had previously found a new folding knife that was accustomed to damage the playground,” he added.

As an effect, his team decided to build up the slide using cement to prevent any damage via vandals and to save expense on maintenance.

Playgrounds during the past were built this way

What was lost on commenters plus the mayor was that playgrounds in the past were designed and built this way.

Such oldschool playgrounds have mostly also been demolished in Singapore, even though at least one of them has been conserved in Toa Payoh.

via Google Maps

The claims have compounded the issue of adolescents being seen as too delicate these days, as children during the past made do with playgrounds with such designs and create, until they were upgraded to people who were constructed out of sturdy plastics.

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Top pictures from Amer Narani/Facebook

Source: Mothership SG

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