MSNBC assembles an eight-person panel to cover the final January 6 committee hearing

Sometimes all you need in a tweet is an image. Last week’s winning screenshot was Tucker Carlson showing side-by-side Twitter avatars of Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Catturd™ and noting that Kinzinger was doing his tough-guy act with a cat with glasses.

The actual big news of the day is Part 7 of The Twitter Files, which show the FBI pressuring Twitter to come up with some evidence of a Russian disinformation campaign on which to pin the Hunter Biden laptop. What sort of coverage can we expect from the networks? NBC News “justice reporter” Ryan J. Reilly tweeted “tHe PaRlEr FiLeS” and called it a day. MSNBC’s priority was the final meeting of the January 6 select committee, so much so that they assembled a panel just two short of their own “Hollywood Squares” episode.

The committee hadn’t even held its meeting yet, but MSNBC had its “experts” ready to opine, hosted by Andrea Mitchell.

And these are just the people who bothered to Zoom in from home; we imagine Mitchell had some people assembled in the studio as well to cover this, the biggest event since the Civil War.


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