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NewsMust Watch: ‘Flash Mob’ Looters Ransack 7-Eleven In Crime-Ridden...

Must Watch: ‘Flash Mob’ Looters Ransack 7-Eleven In Crime-Ridden LA


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Crime in Los Angeles, California is getting worse by the day. 

One of the latest stories that is attracting major attention to that claim is footage of a “flash mob” that ransacked a convenience store at a “street takeover” initiated at Figueroa and El Segundo.

Watch as criminals loot a nearby 7-Eleven:


On August 15, 2022, around 12:40 a.m., a street takeover initiated at the intersection of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard. Motorists flooded the intersection and blocked traffic with their vehicles from all directions to create a “pit” in the middle of the intersection…

… The spectators then formed a ‘flash mob’ of looters and rushed a nearby 7-Eleven located at the northwest corner of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard. Video surveillance from the store showed the looters fanning out across the store and grabbing all the snacks, drinks, cigarettes, lotto tickets, and other merchandise.

Looters also vandalized the store and threw merchandise at employees. The looters then exited the store to the surrounding parking lots and streets, and quickly dispersed before police arrived.

Some Californians are still in denial over their state collapsing and being taken over by unpoliced crime. While critics are dubbing LA a “third world country.”

This all comes at a time when those paying attention to the destruction of California are calling for the removal of progressive DAs to combat this growing lack of safety. Claiming that they are compliant in letting criminals run rampant while law-abiding citizens are forced to endure the consequences of lenient sentencing. 

However, the drive to recall Soros-backed Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón recently failed because those who opposed this leadership allegedly did not collect enough “valid” petition signatures.

According to the LA county registrar: The country Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office recorded 520,050 valid signatures, which did not meet the required figure of 566,857.

In July, recall organizers filed 715,833 signatures to the registrar’s office to initiate a recall election against Gascón. On August 15, 2022, the county announced that 195,783 of the signatures were allegedly invalid.

Now, Gascón will stay, meaning more videos like the looting above are likely to surface. California is leaving its streets to criminals who know fully well that they will not be prosecuted as severely as they would in any other state.

Leaving business owners out to dry and the ultimate victims of these woke progressive policies on crime. 

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