My dude, that’s a TOY! NYPD 121st Precinct bragging about getting an Orbeez gun off the streets BACKFIRES (pun intended) –

We don’t know about YOU guys, but we can sleep better at night knowing NYPD 121st Precinct is keeping toy guys off the streets.

Don’t make that face … we’re not making this up.

Case in point.

Another (toy) gun off the streets!



NOW, to be fair, some people from this area claim cops are being ‘shot’ with these water beads so there is a problem but … they had to know this wouldn’t go over well on Twitter, right? C’mon.

It’s an obvious toy.

What’s next, Nerf guns?



Safety first!


We thought the same thing.

We double-checked.

Verified even.

If it saves even just ONE LIFE!

If they didn’t before, they do now.



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