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We wish NBC News’ “dystopia beat” reporter Ben Collins would explain what “dystopia beat” means and why the executives at NBC News decided to dedicate a reporter to it. It reminds us of back when CBS News had a dedicated “abortion access” reporter, who left the network and became a full-time pro-abortion activist in a shocking turn.

Collins certainly wasn’t triggered by the pride display at a middle school in Georgia, as uncovered by Libs of TikTok. Look, pride flags! Transgender flags! “Allies” in rainbow letters! And all sorts of books in an effort to ensure our children aren’t turned homophobic or transphobic by their “heteronormative” parents.

Back in April, we looked at a Zoom presentation on the Future of Sex Education, where we heard from researchers about why it’s so important to reach young children before heteronormative and cisnormative values become ingrained in their minds. If it were left up to their straight, cisgender parents, they’d raise their kids to believe that being straight and cisgender is “normal.” These concerns come to us from a group that has adopted the word “queer” to describe itself. It’s bad to be straight and hope that your kids are straight, say the trans parents with trans toddlers.

So is this an effort by the school to make sure sixth-graders become allies, or is it woke adults making themselves feel good inside?

Imagine if parents could use the tax money they pay into the system to send their children to Catholic school.

Tolerance? The ADL defines “It’s Okay To Be White” as a hate symbol, and they should probably add “It’s Okay to Be Cisnormative” as a hate symbol.


Editor’s Note: Republican voters deserve answers and accountability for the failed red wave.


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