NBC News: White House debating 'how forcefully to engage in the so-called culture wars'

Conservatives are fortunate to have Christopher Rufo at the forefront of the so-called culture wars. He put a spotlight on critical race theory and proved that it was indeed being taught in public schools. (Meanwhile, the Left did its usual dance, saying CRT was only taught in law school; OK, so maybe it is taught in public schools, but that’s a good thing; actually, conservatives don’t want slavery taught in schools.) He then pivoted to academic queer theory and we’re seeing that battle play out right now.

NBC News reports that the White House is teaming up with experts like AFT union president Randi Weingarten to paint Republicans’ focus on race, gender, and sexual identity as a strategy to undermine public education. That’s fine, but activist teachers are already doing a great job of that by making TikTok videos about how they “queer” their classrooms or cleanse them of white faces.

Mike Memoli and Carol E. Lee report:

In remarks prepared for the National Press Club on Tuesday, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is expected to say state and local laws that ban certain types of books or restrict what can be taught in the classroom are “fueling hostility and fear” and aren’t serving students, parents or teachers, according to an advance copy of her speech provided to NBC News.

“What started as fights over pandemic-era safety measures has morphed into fear mongering — false claims that elementary and secondary schools are teaching critical race theory; disgusting, unfounded claims that teachers are grooming and indoctrinating students; and pronouncements that public schools push a ‘woke’ agenda,” Weingarten will say. “This is an organized and dangerous effort to undermine public schools.”

Campaigning with Weingarten was a winning move for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. By all means, keep her front and center.

Who started these so-called culture wars around public schools? Who introduced CRT and queer theory into the curriculum?



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